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Delighted to announce a Flash Fiction story I wrote was chosen for the Short-Édition Calgary Public Library's website. "The Cat's Side of the Story" is suitable for all ages.

I've discontinued Books 1 and 2 and am only offering "Murderous Moves" bundled for a lower price, since it should be read as one book. This had been a lengthy journey and a wonderful experience. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who read and commented.

To help with the production of these books I'd like to acknowledge assistance from:

  • The Draft 2 Digital aggregator which made everything easy.
  • Calgary Public Library online courses:
    • "The Keys to Effective Editing", instructor Jacquelyn Landis
    • "Publish and Sell your EBooks", instructor Linda Aksomitis
    • "Grammar Refresher", instructor Curt Simmons
  • The Hemingway Editor, an app to help expose a surfeit of adverbs.
  • And the easy-to-use Universal Book Link from Books 2 Read

Finally, on a personal note: sincere thanks to my Aunt Nessa Mackenzie in Scotland (born Agnes Taylor in August 1927) for inspiring me to complete the novel. I appreciate her encouragement so much, and have dedicated this book to her.

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